Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sarcasm is a Social Phenomenon

Time and again, sarcasm has been mankind’s behavioral predisposition as his tyranny on nature to unjustly abuse the powers of mind.  Such faculties have brutally pillaged us of fellow feelings to be our navigators in a social setup. A society is far deeper than just the evolution of humanity or a group of communities. As a structured system of human organization and communal conjugation, society means sustaining camaraderie to penetrate hearts with feelings like empathy and not cynicism or mockery. However, the amplitude of our mind like a magnet attracts the atrocious sooner than the admirable in any situation, which makes us susceptible to social impediments. 

As a spectacle of our identity and the jurisdiction of our mind, sarcasm is a parasite for co-existence that hurts most of us in the wrong place. It starts within families, extends to communities and wobbles societies. As a stubborn child, it is mulish on downgrading others through remarks, bitterness and derision to preserve the egotistic us. Sarcasm, as a habit grows on us and slowly separates us from our conscience. It routes us to a state where we find pleasure in criticizing, backbiting, fabricating truth, perjury and defaming others. Such infiltration of emotions and crossing over relationship territories disturbs alignments in kinship, co-worker efficacy, parent-child associations and familial accord, thereon pushing us to greater social imbalances like racism, gender discrimination and non-egalitarianism.

I remember somebody once invited me and my family over and while we were having lunch, the hostess ambushed me sarcastically. For a moment I let silence fill in. However, later on I could sense that somebody else’s nastiness as a motive to defame me was the basis for the hostess’s sarcasm. As a minute illustration therefore of how sarcasm works shows the ways we betray each other knowingly or unknowingly to scroll over pride and prejudices. Imagine our little children picking such damaging demeanor from us that could clog their positive personality development. Sometimes the whole idea behind sarcasm perturbs me for who knows that this may be the seed sown in young minds to instigate one’s fanatical character for terror and turmoil for humanity. As an anomaly from our inner identity, sarcasm secretly creates antagonistic pattern in a society to birth a phenomenon incurable for an ethical, impartial and equitable society. The decision to scion a new beginning hence is on us, now or never.

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