Monday, January 18, 2010

Bringing Haiti Back to Life

Haiti, as a Caribbean island with its post-colonial heritage and ethno-linguistic medley may have allured most of us as a vacation spot in the past. Devastation caused by the recent earthquake however has left it in the thick of violence and turmoil causing a trample to rescue and relief. While the pictures and videos of Port-au-Prince show a demolition similar to a war zone, it is yet more bereaving to see lives still struggling for subsistence. The situation in Haiti appears wilder and much intense compared to San Francisco’s earthquake in 1989 that made quake resistant approach California’s answer to earth’s seismic actions.  For America investing on post quake groundwork was viable even in the 80’s, which for Haiti seemed futile even in the 21st century. Such vulnerability of a nation seems no different than the susceptibility to crisis poor families face around the globe even as I write this post.

Haiti today has staged some important questions. To begin with, it has posed that advancement and opportunities in select few nations of the world may not be an answer to eradicate global poverty. Secondly, progressive change has to be a unanimous force where each developed nation is responsible to share its abundance to fill dearth in its third world counterparts. Most importantly, it opens us to the fact that giving, compassion and benevolence should not be the ideals of charities or humanitarian aid organizations alone. Like the Red Cross, United Nations, Doctors without Borders or many other relief organizations, humanitarianism should be a state of mind, which can help us connect with our global brothers and sisters. Such moral responsibility and empathy exists in all of us. As our inner voice, it shakes us when we see people around us aching or a poor innocent nation bleeding. This conscience as our core and also the heart of a nation motivates us to help and pull out Haiti from its current stand still.

Helping Haiti would be spreading hope and sharing uncountable smiles that certainly would go miles in resurrecting a damaged nation. Your donation to Doctors without Borders shall help Haitians bounce back and also build resilience to face quake aftermaths. As a source of strength, helping Haiti shall give the people more than just bread and butter. It shall give life back to a nation and spring joy once again across the Caribbean. Such pleasantness shall be a gift of affection and inspiration, as a nation is not just build on structures alone, it is also founded and grounded on emotions.

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