Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Paradigm Of A Speech

History is evident of a rhetoric speech that changed the face of a nation. Forty seven years later America still reiterates the dreams that Martin Luther King envisioned on the day of 28th August in 1963. Years, days and months have since passed by and each moment has brought in multilateralism and multiculturalism to make America’s multiform unique and most respected for its global diversity. As an American hero, Dr. King’s symbolic speech has always been a learning model in schools and colleges to respect diversity as quintessential in socioeconomic growth of a nation. As a classic phenomenon, his ‘I have a dream speech’ has fortified America with its multiethnic strength and continuous efforts towards liberty, justice and equality. In my view, Martin Luther King’s encouragement of the 1960’s today is a benchmark and an inspiration for America to share prosperity not only within but with others as well. Such propensity and fortitude has made America grow determined in its mission and stronger in its mettle to face challenges of a growing nation and a global leader.

The yesteryears of the civil rights movement over the past have seen a new dawn each day and each year. 1960’s and 70’s as the phase of change in America saw economic growth through infrastructural developments, educational opportunities, modern science and technology, space exploration, making this nation one of the richest in the world. Dr. King’s words, ‘We cannot walk alone and we cannot turn back’, have truly inspired this nation and made it a mammoth to withstand any crisis. As an initiation of a new world and a horizon of hope, his speech has made every American realize the essence of fellowship, irrespective of race or color. A conscientiousness and   vision of a brand new America back then, has made this nation realize its future through fairness and camaraderie by honoring multiple cultural identities in a unified society. Such mindfulness speaks more than mere words. Martin Luther King’s speech as America’s anchor shall always remind this nation of how their forefathers struggled to make each fellow American stand at par with other, diverse in appearances though, yet similar in emotions.

As a prima facie of this nation, King’s speech shall always be the cornerstone of social justice and change. As a foundation of faith in the religion of humanity, Dr. King’s speech is a torchbearer that shall guide America in good times, sad times and changing times. Also, as a gesture of hope and a commandant of service, his speech is a mode to realize that crisis shall skedaddle, a downturn today shall be an upturn tomorrow, and political parties and Presidents shall come and go but freedom, fellow feelings, peace and brotherhood are here to stay. As a fundamental of democracy, King’s speech encourages living in the moment to share his vision not as the people of America but as the voice of America. As fearless as he was and as enterprising his leadership was, his verses have taught America to be similar in character and capacity as a nation. Most importantly, it has unfolded America to see new dreams, a transformation not just through time but through heart and mind. 

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