About Me

Barkha Dhar is a Management Professional with prior experience in Corporate Training and Coaching. She has conducted behavioral workshops in Team Building, Leadership Dynamics and Emotional Intelligence at work. Her passion is to share her thoughts and emotions through writing on Social and Management issues. She aspires to integrate Social Change with Organizational Change as a prime leadership intervention in the 21st century. Her articles are based on issues from the daily life which she believes are a guide to corporate life. She has interests ranging from traveling and food to diversity in community interaction as a facet of cultural integration. Barkha is a wife and a mother. Most of all, she is an individual who believes in contributing back to the society in possibilities and opportunities.

My Literary Style ...

Herman Melville

Your Literary Style Is 83% Realistic, 83% Philosophical, and 17% Psychological!

Your writing style mostly resembles Herman Melville's. Melville wrote stories that were very realistic and which focused on philosophical issues. His stories frequently dealt with natural depictions of life on the sea. Unlike most realists, however, he laced his stories with philosophical and intellectual issues and explored them through realistic descriptions which also functioned as symbols. Melville wasn't much concerned with describing the psychology of his characters, but instead with telling a realistic story with intellectual undertones. Your writing is similar because it focuses on exploring philosophical issues through realistic writing, as well.

Some stories you may enjoy: Moby Dick, Redburn, and "Benito Cerano".

The other literary styles:

Edgar Allan Poe / Jorge Luis Borges / Franz Kafka / F. Scott Fitzgerald / Fyodor Dostoevsky / George Orwell / Albert Camus

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