Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti’s Orphans See A Light

The dismay of a post-quake state may have left Haiti with appalling questions for times to come. It however has been far more daunting for the little children who lost their families in this abhorrent act of nature. One moment these little Haitians may have been swinging with joy in the blessedness and warmth of their families and the other moment shook them apart while searching for their loved ones under the rubble in despair. Such face of time, when someone’s world just changes in a blink of an eye, seems like an account beyond the wisdom of science. As intimidating as Earthquakes and other natural calamities are, besides terrorizing humanity, they also signify that nothing is permanent in this life. Unfortunately so many little children in Haiti had to learn this hard way and so early in life.

As blossoming and fresh as their childhood may have been, the current catastrophe in Haiti has left its children with a predicament. Most of these children today have shattered dreams in their gloomy eyes and their destinies uncharted as of now. While these little Haitians may feel the pinch of this for long, there still is a hope for them. Airlifting of some orphans from Haiti to United States today shows such resplendence amid an obscurity. The decision to unite some of these parentless children and many more in the process later is like showing light through a dark tunnel. Children who were already in final stages of adoption have been the fortunate one’s leaving back so many others baffled who are now orphaned due to the recent calamity.

While Haiti’s priority may be to reshape and reinforce itself through world aid and self-help but its utmost concern should be its future, the little Haitians. Placing displaced children with suitable adoptive families certainly would be a cumbersome process and a careful strategy, in the middle of ruins and remains. It however shall travel great distances in bringing back lost spirit and sentiments in each innocent child. Adopting children who today are in immense need of love and affection is an act no less than humanitarianism. Showing such gratitude for nurturing life is a practical illustration of co-existence and a cosmic momentum in fosterage. Such compassion mindfully fills up vacuums in lives and facilitates felicity and fruition in the lineage of humanity. As a message of change and hope, it creates detours to give and receive love and saves little angels from emotional erosion, early on, in their lives.

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