Thursday, January 28, 2010

Compassion Is An Ace Virtue

Compassion is like a cathedral in our heart that incites us to serve the destitute. When we internalize this feeling as the voice of our soul, it bedazzles us with the radiance of an inner shrine. Often, words that emanate from our soul are the wisdom of our conscientious state and show us a unique light that exists in all of us. This illumination within is the grace that we can feel when we touch others lives through a compassionate heart and an open mind. As a synagogue inside, compassion is a novel gesture that connects affection and inspiration to pain and suffering in a healing relationship.

The magnificence of compassion is a push that we feel by sharing its benevolent power with the ones in great need. As the lyrical beats of our heart, compassion is a song that God gifted us to listen to other’s call of anxiety and turmoil, violence and abuse. Uncovering this abundant empathy inside to uplift the oppressed and unfortunate, is a fulfillment beyond comparison. Such rehabilitative force inside us can repair wounded emotions, help restore positive energy in others and can sometimes be a phenomenon deeper than the acumen of medical science.

Compassion is also a stimulant virtue that helps us honor the dignity in human relationships, irrespective of one’s material status. As fortitude of a visionary mind and strength of character, compassion is the route to righteousness. Preserving the sanctity in humanity through kind actions and genuine concern for the sick, poor, battered and homeless conserves positivity in us and also promotes social conscience. Most importantly, as a cornerstone of faith, compassion trespasses creed to create uniformity in our feelings for others and unites us in motley with our global brothers and sisters.

Mother Teresa was one such humanitarian who left us with the legacy of her compassionate mission. Her work for lepers, abandoned women and children is instrumental in the history of charity and social change in India and world over. Born as an Albanian with a heart that was truly Indian, Mother Teresa took compassion to a global scale. As an apostle of charity, she served and saved many vulnerable lives in India and throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Poland and Australia. Had she restricted her altruistic mission to her native in Albania, this world would have been deprived of a compassionate mother. On her death, Mother Teresa laid beatified in a glass coffin with her serene white face and a life similar to a sage. As a holy icon, she taught us a chaste lesson that compassion is not an end but the means to an allusive beginning.

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