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A blogger is an artist whose blog posts are colorful thoughts that are sketched into idyllic compositions of creative and ingenious grandeur. We, at Barkha Dhar’s Blogs On Social Issues have made the best possible efforts to pay a tribute to our fellow bloggers, subscribers, and followers by posting on important social issues

In addition, we have distinctly enunciated on core issues related to life, relationships, spirituality, and peace of mind. To foster the life and soul of our blog and to sustain our niche, we have introduced a guest blogging section. We believe that instituting and encouraging guest posts by prolific writers and poets shall effectuate an educated vision and mission in the blogging world. In our endeavor to raise social consciousness and bring attention to the brass tacks of everyday life issues, we would be pleased to add genuine and original content shared by guest authors. 

Guidelines For Guest Posts
We would encourage and accept authentic posts. However, when quoting others please cite your sources. Also, please avoid re-publishing and the use of offensive language.

When using images, pictures, or video content with your posts, please give proper attribution to the creator to avoid copyright problems. For starters, we suggest using creative commons.

We request to keep your submissions between 500-800 words. However, short poems and posts are more than welcome.

We shall reserve the right to change these guidelines as we deem fit and refuse submissions that we gauge as inappropriate for our blog.

Guest Authors
We are delighted to welcome on board our first guest blogger He Said of Life Riddles from This is a team of husband and wife who believe that ‘life is a big riddle, we all live it!!

We are pleased to welcome on board our second guest blogger Farida Rizwan from She is an inimitable and an inspiring blogger. Farida believes that every piece of her life has been like a chapter that has always left her with an inevitable lesson. A striking yet touching chapter of her life surrounds around her strength to survive stage 3 Cancer. She believes that the disease left an indelible mark on her personality besides providing her the power to reinvent her life in many ways. Farida today yearns to be a self-actualized individual. She believes that sometimes God chooses the direction for us and we just need to believe in his chosen route for us.          

Zephyr, as she is fondly called by all her fans and followers is a prolific writer. She is blogger from Her creative and imaginative posts are nothing less than a stimulating pot of hot curry. She believes that nagging can be an art, if done inventively. Through her innumerable and interesting posts on diverse issues, Zephyr takes an avant-garde approach to blogging. Her mission though is to enrich the cyber space with a tinge of this and that about everyday issues. Not to be missed is her L&M and the Brats series, which will find echo in every reader's heart. Zephyr, it is an honor to have you here.

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