Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unveil The Blindfold Of Justice

To commemorate February, 20th as World day of Social Justice is an honor and an act to manifest the distinction between crime as a violent sin with kindness as a non violent mode of fairness and lawfulness. The visage of justice dates back to the origin of ‘good counsel’ from Themis, the ancient Greek goddess and an embodiment of divine law, who was blindfolded so that she could be an impartial apostle just like any judicial system is today. Nonetheless, our society intermittently contends with phlegmatic acts of terror, which in the eyes of law are poignant for the whole humanity. This ongoing tussle of law and order with transgression and encroachment is an inconspicuous bruising of emotions for the common man. The fact that any judicial system is neutral and works on the basis of evidence in the court of law is a testament that justice is not blind but blindfolded. However any testimony or proof of justice may be manipulated to put a veil on the blindfold. Such tenet of malpractice in the domain of justice is an outcry of moral values, scrupulous thinking and a sense of duty.    

The case of Ruchika Girhotra, a 14 year old girl who was molested by a Senior Cop SPS Rathore way back in the year 1990 in India is a burgeoning incident of judicial impediment. After she made the molestation complaint, Ruchika, her family and friends were tortured leading to Ruchika’s eventual suicide. Her case never saw a light until recently when the perpetrator Rathore was arrested in 2009 for an offense he committed 19 years ago. Ruchika’s case took 400 hearings and 40 adjournments to prove Rathore guilty. The court has now sentenced Rathore 6 months imprisonment with a meager fine of $20. This illustration is not just to raise eyebrows on the victimized and their ordeals or to judge the miscreants and their political power but to stop such persecutions against peace and injustice. Crime and corruption have been there always and perceiving a time when there would be no belligerence at all is like an injury to the conscience, a wound that shall never stop bleeding. It is important to understand that Justice is not judiciary alone but a credo of life, a blueprint of moral success and a modus operandi of a candid mind.

I could state innumerous cases of injustice across the globe while writing this post but that won’t serve any purpose. It won’t give rest to a savaged mind or vehement sensations. It would rather perforate humanity’s merciful saddle and its perspective for an effulgent tomorrow. It is for us to reinstate and internalize the power of honesty, integrity and fair play within and only then can we externalize the decree of justice as a societal charter.  Each one of us has to be an advocate of change to redress any kind of iniquity or misconduct. Just talking about cases like Ruchika Girhotra on facebook or among friends won’t help or show the strength of character.  All of us instead need to stand up to injustices even if they are happening in our families as I write this post. Only then would we be able to win over evil or else law makers shall keep thriving as law breakers to continue their mission of veiling the eyes of law.

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