Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freedom Is A Human Right

February 11th marks the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, a date that portrays celebration of Iran’s liberation from the Shah and imperial powers. However, torture, political exile, arbitrary arrests and violent executions are some major illustrations of malevolence that dissident Iran’s liberation with real emancipation. Freedom of any nation is not judged only by its political ideology but also by its economic and social order. The solidarity and tenacity of Law and justice shows a nations strength not only through political governance but also through ‘espirit de corps’ or the feelings of social affinity and entirety. Such psychology and personality of a nation is the barometer of its actual progress on a social scale. A translucent and lucid approach to jurisdiction is what we define as independence and sovereignty, a prerogative of the people of a nation. An immaculate and a principle lesson of freedom that Iran needs to learn and imbibe today.

The legitimacy and stability of any regime is successful and worth celebration only if it ameliorates a communal and egalitarian mindset, also commonly known as laissez-faire. Only then can a nation enjoy the fruits of freedom and understand its relevance and significance in the sentiments and emotions of its people that constitute a nation. Perhaps a wake up call for Iran! Also any revolution shouldn’t be anarchy where hostility, unrest and disregard for citizens are the epicenters of control. The story of Shirin Ebadi, Iran’s first noble laureate whose peace prize was confiscated by the Iranian government and whose sister recently was arrested in Tehran narrates such apathy. Iran’s native, a lawyer and a human rights activist, Shirin Ebadi no wonder has to think twice before entering her own homeland due to possibilities of her arrest. Because of her predominant views on civil society and the rule of law wherein human rights is a core criterion of the governance, Ebadi is considered a possible threat to Iran. How fair and conscientious today is Iran’s freedom that takes away a citizen’s right to impartial expression? 

A true leadership is one that enforces a participative style of governance and is not surrounded by censorship of any sort. Such protocol for a nation aims at encouraging people’s ideas, views and diligent actions as their voice for change, which ultimately leads to political, social and an economic face lift. Freedom from exile and other horrendous abuses are basic human rights which Iran needs to inculcate in its political doctrine. On this day of commemoration, human rights, which are also known as fundamental rights, should be the prerequisites of Iran’s bona fide liberation.  Such radical and humanitarian relationship between Iran and its people shall be Iran’s absolute victory. Giving importance to triumph in people’s hearts over political supremacy, conquest on subjugation, justice through moral norms and legal rights, respect and dignity for human relationships together with equality, expression and education are some ways Iranians can win freedom from political fear and incarceration.

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