Friday, July 2, 2010

Hymns Of Change

The hymns of change are like the rhymes of nature. Their gentle chime buzzes the world to sing songs on a new stage. In their aria of tunes, they awaken us to
 deep thoughts on a new frame.

In their first chant is a day of emotions in a symphony to play. In its second chant, there is a fresh sight to see a new light. In its third, it swirls to the trail of purpose with an intention to venture. And on and on the chants gong the groove 
of life to steer us through the tidal waves.

By chance or by choice, the hymns of change instill faith, a longing to succeed, a dream to share. As religion of hope and belief of reaching the shore, the hymns of change give life to the soul.

They speak up and speak out, they feel in to feel out, a notion to chase, a bout to set into a new phase. Here they come, here they come, hymns of change on their 
bandwagon to gain.

Come one, come all, it is the time to rise to its lore for hymns of change hail so much more. Be careful though of its fragile fame, the hymns of change have no 
distinct range.

Choose to shine now or never for hymns of change don’t wait forever. Be the one to smile and share its glare, to cast your right for a world that shines 
just and bright.

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  1. Fantastic! Beautiful writing, I thank you for sharing this! I think I will repost for my followers on Facebook, with your permission of course! Just wonderful...I cannot say enough!

  2. Oh my gosh, amazing writing! Really beautiful and powerful. I loved it. I would love to link to your blog from mine.

    Great writing.

  3. Hi. Nice blog ;)
    Can i ask how did you put your activist channel logo/link at side of the blog?



  4. It's wonderful...let's sing it together...

  5. Hi Barkha,
    Thanks for stopped by on my blog and I read your Hymn of Change...I agree with the previous two above that U have written it beautifully...

    And I agree with your statement, that Hymn of change don't wait forever...It's us ourselves to choose...

  6. Hey I really liked your blog! And this poem is simply fantastic!

    Keep writing to bring in the hymns of change ;)

    Take care :)


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