Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She is a woman : A poem by Barkha Dhar

“In this sacred heart is the home of burnt desires
a garden of fake flowers
a life glazed with pain
so immense and so drained
Every knock on this heart awaits a change
to see my world shine forever and ever again

She is voice of a mother, a wife, she is a lover and so much more
for she is a woman before her garb of roles
The truth however unfolds the fact
she is living in a world so dogmatic and whack
Change for her is so opaque, so unfair and so fake
She is independent and manifested yet is abandoned and evicted
for she is a woman forgotten and inflicted

Much has been done over the years
to stop oppression to wipe her tears
She still has a toll tearing her soul
for she is a woman so beautiful and bold
In this ravage she is searching for life
a light of her own to fight for her right

Education has given emancipation for she is so full of anticipation
She has a heart so tender to care
with a womb that has the power to bear
She still has to tackle society’s shackles
for she is a woman fighting her battles

She is a bird closed and caged, for she is a woman so full of rage
She is assaulted, set ablaze for she is a women abducted as bait
She has a palette with colors so pale
for her atrocities narrate her tale

She is singing a song take me along just take me along
to a place of love where I belong
A place where my gender is no more slender
A place where my peace is not haunted on streets
A place where life is so calm so I could live in no harm

She is a mother, she is a wife,for she is a woman
singing the song of her life
She has a heart that waits for change
to see her world shine forever and ever again”.
- By Barkha Dhar

Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Dharbarkha.blogspot
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  1. A real cry of a human (gender), soul searching for other fellow humans, its an irony of pain and hapiness of being a woman and expecting people to be more near to the mother nature and understanding the present need.

  2. thats a very beautiful poem!! loved it!! this is a great tribute to womanhood!!

  3. @ Cindrella Thank you for you compliment. I am glad you liked it

  4. Really liked the way you portrayed the personality of a woman.
    Probably u couldn't see the english poems on ma blog.
    Here's the link for three english poetries of mine -


  5. She is the mother of all creations as she is woman....the carrier of the vessel, the child, the newness in the world and not of the world ...she will be as strong as a mountain but fertile as the woods there...she is a woman...beautiful poem my Dearest Barkha....thanks for sharing this with me...enjoy always(+)


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