Thursday, August 20, 2009

Truth or False |

I was raised with the ideals that truth exists and shall always prevail, perhaps an inherent characteristic of nurturing and parenthood. Over the years however I feel that truth is distinctive and yet requires evidences. Our values and beliefs or material cling are such evidences in a man-made courtroom but our consciousness is a truth in itself in the supreme courtroom. Truth, in my view is never right or wrong, only in ’favor of’ or ‘against of’. While writing this post, I reassure myself that truth is not created but discovered, just as the route to self-discovery or evolving in a conscious state. Truth may seem undercover in the moment owing to false impressions, artificial imagery, superimposed beliefs, myopic perceptions and manipulations, just as we seem to be undercover of our material being. Truth indeed is an eye opener to our current state of being where each day is critical content vs. spiritual intent.
Truth is the actual, as ‘I am’ and not artificial ‘what I should be’, it is the inevitable just like the cycle of life and balance of nature. However in this rush to live, we often fail to read signs and make choices that lead us to a false end. A gentleman once said to me, “ who has seen truth? I would believe what I see and not what is actual”, little did he knew that his experiences saw consequences as truth to the naked eye but an illusion to the spiritual eye. Moreover, our life is a gamut of experiences and often weighs truth or false in each incident.  Most of the time, in my view, truth is like the dust that is hidden under the rug just to let others know of the neat show.  However only a person attuned to his conscious being can make efforts to get rid of such dust without worrying for the neat show. Truth is also listening to our heart, being thankful for all the good things around and unfolding self to sink in the spiritual energy around. It is to touch base with ‘ I am’ and ‘ I do’ for truth is the sole beginning, as also the sole end.

Truth or False |

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